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单项选择题 1、A new system of quality control was brought in toovercome the defects in the firm's products. A.invested B.introduced C.installed D.insisted

2、回答题: Gross National Happiness In the last century,new technology improved the lives of many people in many countries.However,one country resisted these changes.High in the Himalayan mountains of Asia,the kingdom of Bhutan remained separate.Its people and Buddhist(佛教)culture had not been affected for almost a thousand years.Bhutan,however,was a poor country.People died at a young age.Most of its people could not read,and they did not know much about the outside world.Then,in 1972,a Dew ruier named King Jigme Singye Wangchuck decided to help Bhutan to become modern,but without losing its traditions King Wangchuck looked at other countries for ideas.He saw that most countries measured tnmrprogress by their Gross National Product(GNP).The GNP measures products and money.When the number of Droducts sold increases people say the country is making progress.King Wangchuck had a different idea for Bhutan.He wanted to measure his country’s progress by people’s happiness.If the people’s happiness increased,the king could say that Bhutan was making progress.To decide if people were happier,he created a measure called Gross National Happiness(GN H). GN H is based on certain principles that create happiness.People are happier if they have health care.education,and jobs.They are happier when they live in a healthy,protected environment.They are happier when they can keep their traditional culture and customs.Finally,people are happier when they have a good,stable government. Now this is some evidence of increased GN H in Bhutan.People are healthier and are living longer. More people are educated and employed.Twenty―five percent of the land has become national parks,and the country has almost no pollution.The Bhutanese continue to wear their traditional clothing and follow their ancient Buddhist customs.Bhutan has also become a democracy.In 2008,King Wang chuck gave his power to his son.Although the country still had a king,it held its first democratic elections that year.Bhutan had political parties and political candidates for the first time.Finally,Bhutan has梅州市轻微癫痫病医院 connected to the rest of the world through television and internet. Bhutan is a symbol for social progress.Many countries are now interested in Bhutan’s GNH. These countries are investigating their own ways to measure happiness.They want to create new policies that take care of their people,cultures,and land. Brazil nlay be the next country to use the principles of GNH.Brazilian leaders see the principles of GNH as a source of inspiration.Brazil is a large country with a diverse population.If happiness works as a measure of progress in Brazil,perhaps the rest of the world will follow. Who was Jigme Singye Wangchuck? A.A Dresident. B.A Buddhist priest. C.A general. D.A king.

3、阅读文章,回答题: How a Terrible Battle helped to Change Europe Ninety years ago on a sunny morning in Northern France,something happened that changed Britain and Europe for ever.At half past seven on the morning of July 1,1916,whistles blew and thousands of British soldiers left their positions to attack their German enemies.By the end of the day,20,000 of them were dead,and another 30,000 wounded or missing.The Battle of the Somme,_______ (1)it is called,lasted for six months1,When it ended,125,000 British soldiers were dead.They had gained five kilometers of groand. This was one of a series of great battles during the WWI.The attack on the Somme was staged to relieve_______ (2)on the French,who were engaged in a great battle of their own at a place called Verdun.By the time the battle ended,over a million French and German troops had been killed. About 17 million people were killed in WWI. There have been wars with greater nunbers of dead.But there has never been one_______ (3)most of the dead were concentrated in such a small area.On the Somme battlefield,two men died for every metre of space, Local farmers working in the land still_______ (4)the bodies of those who died in that battle.The dead of all nations were buried in a series of giant graveyards along the line of the border_______ (5)France and Belgiam.Relatives and descendants of those who died still visit these graveyards today.What the French caU the“tourism of death” _______ (6)an important contribution to the local economy. It took a second great conflict before Euro宿迁哪家癫痫医院好pe was to turn_______ (7)war itself. Twenty―eight years after the Somme battle,a liberating army of British. American and Canadian troops took back_______ (8)from another German invasion.More than 500,000 people were killed.New_______ (9)were built. Two great conflicts across two generations helped to change the European mind about war.Germany,once the most warlike country in Europe,is now probably more in_______ (10)of peace than any other.One major cause of war in Europe was rivalry between France and Germany.The European Union was specifically formed to end that_______(11). According to US commentator William Pfaff,“Europeans are interested in a slow development of civilized and tolerant international relations,_______(12)on problems while avoiding catastrophes along me way.They have themselves only recently_______ (13)from the catastrophes of the WWI and WWII,when tens of millions of people were destroyed.They don’t want_______ (14).” The last British veteran of the somme battle died in 2005,aged 108.And the WWI is passing out of memory and into history2.But for anyone who wants to understand how Europeans_______ (15),it is still important to know a little about the terrible events of July 1,1916.

A.since B.because C.as D.for

4、Paragraph 5_________.

5、根据要求,回答题: A.She had read a lot about the slavery system. B.Its vast influence strengthened the anti-slavery movement and angered defenders of the slavery system. C.But if so, it was true propaganda, because it accurately described the evils of slavery. D.For a while it outsold every book in the world, except the Bible. E.But neither she nor her first publisher thought it would be a big success. F.In 1851, Harriet Beecher Stowe began her book. 请在(46)处填入最佳答案

6、How does Ellen feel about the Vendee Globe race? A.It is enjoyabl B.It is surprisin C.It is dangerou D.It is relaxin

7、All the following are assumptions once made about the Iceman EXCEPT A. he was a soldier in World War I. B. he was a Swiss woman's long-lost father. C. he was born about a thousand years.ago. D. he came from Italy.

8、  Single―parent Families   Today we tell about the major change in the American family.It is the increase in th成人癫痫病的早期症状有哪些e number of families with only one parent.   _____(1).One of the reasons for this is the increasing number of women who have children without being married.The United States Census Bureau recently released a new report on the situation._____(2).It said 24 percent of them had at least one child.Almost 4 million unmarried women in the United States are mothers.This is an increase of almost 60 percent.in the past 10 years.   _____(3).In the past,women were expected to marry and remain home with their children.They depended on their husbands to earn money to support the family.Expels say women were pushed into marriage by many parts of American society._____(4).   _____(5).They say American women have fewer economic。reasons for marrying than they did years ago.This is because more women work outside the home today than in the past,and there is less of difference between the earnings of men and women in the United States.other experts believe there is social and cultural explanation for the in crease in unmarried mothers in America.One explanation is that,the woman’s rights movement gave many women a new feeling of independence.Another explanation is the society is more willing to accept unmarried mothers than it did in the past.Unmarried mothers and their children no longer live in shame. A.About 22 percent,of American children now live with only one parent. B.Experts have tried to explain the reasons for the increase. C.The report included women between the ages of 18 and 44 who have never been married. D.Expels say this is no!true today. E.A woman’s family expected her to be,named,so did religious groups,customs and laws. F.There has been much debate in the United States about the single―parent family. 根据以上材料补充全文:

_____(1).One of the reasons for this is the increasing number of women who have children without being married.

9、根据材料,回答问题。 The Value of Motherhood In shopping malls, the assistants try to push you into buying "a gift to thank her for her unselfish love". When you log onto a Website, a small pop-up invites you to book a bouquet for her. Commercial warmth and gratitude are the atmosphere being spread around for this special Sunday in May. (46)The popularity of Mother's Day around 癫痫病北京哪个医院好the world suggests that Jarvis got all she wanted. In fact, she got more -- enough to make her horrified. (47)They buy, among other things, 132 million cards. Mother's Day is the No. 1 holiday for flower purchases. Then there are the various commodities, ranging from jewelry and clothes to cosmetics and washing powder, that take advantage of the promotion opportunities. Because of this, Jarvis spent the last 40 years of her life trying to stop Mother's Day. One protest against the commercialization of Mother's Day even got her arrested―for disturbing the peace, interestingly. (48)As Ralph Fevre, a reporter at the UK newspaper The Guardian, observe,traditionally "motherhood is something that we do because we think it's fight. " But in the logic of commercialism, people need something in exchange for their time and energy. A career serves this purpose better. (49) So they work hard and play hard. Becoming a mother, however, inevitably handicaps career anticipation. (50)According to The Guardian, there are twice as many child-free young women as there were a generation ago. Or, they put off the responsibility of parenting until later in their lives. So, Fevre writes that the meaning of celebrating Mother's Day needs to be updated: "It is to persuade people that parenting is a good idea and to honor people for their attempt to be good people. " 请在第__(46)__处填上正确答案。 A.The American version of Mother's Day was thought up as early as 1905, by Anna Jarvis, as a way of recognizing the real value of motherhood. B.But what's more, commercialism changes young people's attitude towards mother-hood. C.Obviously, the best gift will be a phone call or a visit. D.According to a research by the US card company Hallmark, 96 percent of American consumers celebrate the holiday. E.As a result, motherhood has suffered a huge drop in status since the 1950s. F.In addition, women are being encouraged to pursue any career they desire.

10、Practically all animals communicate either through sounds or through soundless codes. A.Certainly B.Probably C.Absolutely D.Almost



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